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Host Your Own #CutThePentagon Call-In Party

Congress is now deliberating on a $778 billion Pentagon budget for 2022, which will cost over $8 trillion over the next decade. 

This is happening while members of the Senate claim that spending $3.5 trillion over the next decade on healthcare, education, and green jobs is "too expensive"

While war profiteers have the money and lobbyists, we have the people power. Volunteer groups are meeting in-person or on zoom around the country to call and write to their Congressional delegation to vote NO on the $778 Pentagon budget and instead invest in our communities! 

Below, you'll find a sample agenda and all of the resources you need to host your own #CutThePentagon Congressional Call-In Party and educational event! Do you have questions? You can contact [email protected] for tips, resources, or to send your group photo!  


Twenty years of war in Afghanistan have exposed the horrific costs of war and made it crystal clear that war on Afghanistan and Iraq was the wrong response to 9/11. It's time to CUT THE PENTAGON!

Are you part of an organization looking to join as a coalition member? Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.

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