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Organizations, academics, journalists, and activists around the world are speaking out about the inflated Pentagon Budget, expressing that it should be invested in the people, planet, peace and a future!

The Pentagon budget swallows up billons of dollars that could be spent to improve systems of education, employment, housing and healthcare. Systems that are vital in combatting the rampant social, economic and racial inequities across the United States... 

The U.S. military is the largest consumer of oil, and the largest emitter of greenhouse gases on the planet. Not to mention their displacement of Indigenous peoples to build U.S. military bases and to extract fossil fuels around the world. It is obvious that War is Not Green! 

We continue to pump more money into the Pentagon, investing billions in destructive U.S. militarism. This causes damage to people around the world because not only is war expensive, it is immoral. The over 800 U.S. military bases around the world are sites of extreme oppression and extraction, meaning that even in places where the United States has not officially "declared war", we are a violent and oppressive force. 

Biden is funneling hundreds of billions into "nuclear modernization", and lawmakers continue to tack on billions more to his $753 billion Pentagon budget. If we continue at this rate, our future is grim...


Twenty years of war in Afghanistan have exposed the horrific costs of war and made it crystal clear that war on Afghanistan and Iraq was the wrong response to 9/11. It's time to CUT THE PENTAGON!

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