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#BuildBackBetter and #CutThePentagon: Social Media Toolkit

Help spread the word: we CAN afford healthcare, education, and green jobs! The people and planet CAN’T afford a $780 billion Pentagon budget! 

Two weeks after approving a $780 billion Pentagon budget, Congress is currently debating the #BuildBackBetter agenda, legislation that would expand healthcare, education, & green jobs. Yet all we hear on the news and social media is how “expensive” this domestic spending bill will be, despite the fact that it would only cost HALF of the annual Pentagon budget! 

We need peace activists to provide a counterweight and help spread the truth on social media: we CAN afford healthcare, education, and green jobs! The people and planet CAN’T afford a $780 billion Pentagon budget!

Use our social media toolkit to spread the truth on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! Make sure you tag @CODEPINK and use #CutThePentagon

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💣Pentagon spending over the next decade: $8 TRILLION

🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏽#BuildBackBetter to expand healthcare, education & green jobs: $3.5 Trillion

@Sen_JoeManchin @SenatorSinema, why is spending $3.5 T on human needs “too expensive” but $8T on the Pentagon OK? #CutThePentagon 

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✔️Annual Cost of #BuildBackBetter: $350 billion

✔️Cost savings in @RepBarbaraLee's legislation to reallocate Pentagon spending: $350 billion


Let's #CutThePentagon NOW! 

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No one should have to spend 1/3 of their income on childcare!
@Sen_JoeManchin @SenatorSinema if we #CutThePentagon budget by $350B would pay for the #BuildBackBetter agenda that expands child care! 

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The US could expand Medicare with only 17% of the 💰spent on US militarism & war over the past 20 years.

@Sen_JoeManchin @SenatorSinema, isn’t the health & wellbeing of our seniors a worthy reason to pass #BuildBackBetter & #CutThePentagon? 

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30+ million Americans are uninsured.

This is a policy choice. Don't let anyone tell you we "can't afford" healthcare!

We'd only need 17% of the 💰 spent on wars over the last 20 years to expand healthcare.

#CutThePentagon for people, peace, planet & a future! 

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Avg cost of community college: $7,460

Cost per F-35 flight hour: $33,000


@Sen_JoeManchin @SenatorSinema, how can you say we "can't afford" tuition-free community college?

Let's #CutThePentagon & #BuildBackBetter 

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📢@Sen_JoeManchin & @SenatorSinema why are you OK with spending $8 trillion on the Pentagon over the next decade but $3.5 trillion on healthcare & education is “fiscally insane”? 

We need to #CutThePentagon and invest in life! 

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📢 @Sen_JoeManchin & @SenatorSinema! If you say we “can’t afford” healthcare & education, we have a simple solution for you! 

#CutThePentagon for people, peace, planet, and a future! 

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Hey @Sen_JoeManchin & @SenatorSinema just so you know, @RepBarbaraLee has legislation that would cut the Pentagon budget by $350 billion, the SAME annual cost of the reconciliation bill! 

#CutThePentagon for people, peace, planet, and a future! 

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[email protected]_JoeManchin & @SenatorSinema, you don’t seem to have a problem authorizing a $780B annual Pentagon budget.

So, why won't you pass #BuildBackBetter? Are you more interested in lining the pockets of the arms industry? #CutThePentagon 

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.@Sen_JoeManchin & @SenatorSinema, by refusing to pass #BuildBackBetter after approving the $780 billion Pentagon budget, you've shown the world that you'd rather waste $7.5 trillion to ruin lives & destroy the earth than invest $3.5 trillion in the people. #CutThePentagon 


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Photo caption: Cutting the Pentagon budget by $350B would pay for the #BuildBackBetter agenda to expand healthcare, education, & green jobs! @Sen_JoeManchin @SenatorSinema, isn’t that #WorthIt? #CutThePentagon

Sample Post:


Twenty years of war in Afghanistan have exposed the horrific costs of war and made it crystal clear that war on Afghanistan and Iraq was the wrong response to 9/11. It's time to CUT THE PENTAGON!

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  • Joy Ruth
    commented 2021-10-08 08:12:58 -0400
    We can afford healthcare, green jobs and clean energy. Cut the pentagon budget!
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