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Gaza is Palestine! DC Launch Event

Join AMP, USCPR, PYM and more to rise up with Gaza, defend Palestinian life, and confront Congress over U.S. complicity in Israel's relentless massacres. Join the DC kickoff of the "Gaza is Palestine" People’s Inquiry.

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In DC, the heart of empire, we carry a responsibility to use our people power to force Congress to hear us, especially after the House voted to send another $1 billion in weapons to Israel. Join us on October 7 to disrupt state violence.

Together we'll bring our people power to bear and do what Congress has failed to:

  • Investigate how weapons made in & funded by the US were used to murder 260 Palestinians in Gaza
  • Demand an end to the flow of U.S. bombs that rain terror on Palestinian families.

Show up in solidarity with Palestine, and demand that we #CutThePentagon to end the limitless pipeline of money to Israel. 





Maryland Ave NE & 1st St NE
Maryland Ave NE & 1st St NE, Washington, DC 20004, United States,

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