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People's Watch: Time to Deliver on Infrastructure & Reconciliation

You heard it here. Everyday 8-8 we are not leaving because our lives are on the line. Until we get infrastructure AND reconciliation we are out here. Come down, wear white join us.

Our people are hurting. We are reeling from financial instability, lack of healthcare amidst an ongoing pandemic, and communities devastated by pollution, floods and fires with more climate disasters on the horizon. We have had enough watching Democratic leadership maneuver for months on end while the crises we face only worsen. After delivering Democrats the White House and majorities in the Senate & House of Representatives in the 2020 election, we were promised a new era of economic recovery and leadership. We cannot wait any longer. We’re bringing our pain and impatience to DC and not leaving until Democrats show us they are fighting for us- not corporations. We demand they pass the full scope of economic recovery we were promised, now.

We invite you to join us and represent the millions who will benefit from this historic legislation by maintaining a sustained presence outside the U.S. Capitol until the full recovery agenda is passed. Our lives are on the line and our future is at stake, and we need your support





US Capitol Building
First St SE, Washington, DC 20004, United States,

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Can we count you in?

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