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Rising Together: A Celebration in the Struggle for Justice, People and Planet!

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From the Amazon rainforest burning... to endless wars, from Assange to Mumia, covid to climate, Palestine to the Philippines, Amazon workers organizing, Yemeni children starving…while the 1% are having their fling in outer space at the expense of the 99%.

We are connecting the dots between causes and issues.

"I am a whistleblower for Justice, People, and Planet!"

“We appreciate the activists who clarify the interconnection between struggles to end wars, resist racism, protect human rights, and cope with the climate catastrophe. ‘Rising Together!’ Will culminate in worldwide networking and community building aiming to manifest the vital links between efforts to end war and preserve life.”

- Kathy Kelly, author and peace activist, co-chair of Rising Together!

“We’re going to get together for a day of speakers, music, dancing, and presentations as inspiration that will carry us forward in ACTION.”

- Nick Mottern, and co-chair of Rising Together!

“We will continue the struggle for justice. As Fannie Lou Hamer said, ‘Get up and do something!’ JOIN US!”

- Ralph Poynter, Lynne Stewart Organization and co-chair of Rising Together!

Co-sponsored by CODEPINK and dozens of other organizations, join us in this day long celebration of the struggle for justice, people, and the planet!

Speakers include:

Arlene Cessarino, Randy Credico, Jillian Hanesworth, Mari Inoue, Kathy Kelly, Joel Landy, Hyun Lee, Dave Lippman, Oscar Lopez Rivera, Sonia Kennebac, Ralph Poytner, Susan Schnall, Trudy Silver, Chris Smalls, Rivera Sun, and David Rovics. More to come!

Join us live or in a broadcast with Pacifica and on social media. 

To get involved with RISING TOGETHER, reach out to:

Outreach Committee:  Kathy Kelly at [email protected]

Organizers Committee:  zool at [email protected]




Thomas Paine Park (Foley Square)


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